Teaming up to build a $20 Weather Station

We love smartphones, especially ones with a lot of sensors, currently they’re the source for all the data here on our website and on the maps in our Android app.

But there’s a problem, a lot of phones don’t have the most valuable meteorological sensors. The pressure sensor – the most crucial sensor for the this crowd-sourcing project – is on only about 25% of Android devices. And 0% of iOS devices. Ambient temperature sensors are on only 1/10 Android devices, though we are able to get round this by using battery temperature sensors – but it means we need hundreds of phones in an area to generate a clean temperature reading.

Today we’re announcing a project to make it possible for iPhone users and Android devices without pressure/temperature sensors to contribute data. We’re teaming up with to make WeatherSignal the companion app to StormTag. StormTag is a piece of hardware that fits on a keyring, never needs charging, and wirelessly sends pressure/temperature data to an iOS or Android WeatherSignal app. And here’s the kicker, it costs $20.

Here’s Jon Atherton form introducing the StormTag on KickStarter: