WeatherSignal for iPhone

Today marks an exciting step forward for the WeatherSignal project – we’re finally able to expand the scope of the project to include iPhone users, as the iPhones 6 and 6+ contain pressure sensors that are accessible by developers. The new WeatherSignal app for iOS is a fully functioning iPhone barometer that also lets users contribute to our existing weather crowdsourcing project – and lets the user see their own, and others’, readings in-app.

WeatherSignal3   WeatherSignal4  WeatherSignal1

The existing Android app has been downloaded over 270,000 times, with 50,000 active users worldwide and we’re hopeful that the iOS version will help us expand our network to make the world’s most comprehensive mobile meteorology network. Currently, researchers in several countries are using the data collected from the WeatherSignal network to study how it can be used to improve weather forecasting and better understand urban climate systems. The demand for an iOS app (impossible before the 6 was released) can be shown by the enormous demand for the StormTag Kickstarter. StormTag, a key-ring pressure and temperature sensor that will sync up with the WeatherSignal app on both Android and iOS, aimed to raise $17,500 but ended up smashing that target and raising $112,000 in total!

Download WeatherSignal for iOS here.

Update: We also wrote a Vanilla Ice parody blog post announcing the launch (don’t ask us why)