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Pressure Level: Sea

One of the things that we are often asked is ‘why does the reading from the WeatherSignal app differ from the reported pressure on the weather forecast?’ Ok, maybe it’s not all that often, but it still gets asked and … Continue reading

WeatherSignal for iPhone

Today marks an exciting step forward for the WeatherSignal project – we’re finally able to expand the scope of the project to include iPhone users, as the iPhones 6 and 6+ contain pressure sensors that are accessible by developers. The … Continue reading

Teaming up to build a $20 Weather Station

We love smartphones, especially ones with a lot of sensors, currently they’re the source for all the data here on our website and on the maps in our Android app. But there’s a problem, a lot of phones don’t have … Continue reading

Visualization of the week: The world wind map

In order to make the WeatherSignal blog more exciting, and mainly because we’re dataviz nerds, we’re now going to be doing a weekly post on our favourite data visualizations from around the internet – in order to justify quite how … Continue reading

Our Academic Partners

WeatherSignal has now been up-and-running for just over eight months, and in that time we’ve really seen the project take off. We’ve had around 150,000 total downloads, with almost 45,000 users regularly contributing data from across the world. In only … Continue reading